Links to the Twisted Writings

Links to publications 
Lexington Books publishers: Religion and the Critical Mind: A Journey for Seekers, Doubters and the Curious
Brill Publishing Site for Georg Simmel's Sociology: Inquiries Into the Construction of Social Forms.
Social Compass journal article: "The New Right, Fundamentalism and Nationalism in Postmodern America: A Marriage of Heat and Passion", June 2010
Journal article in Contemporary Justice Review:   "'We're all brothers!  All worm meat!': a consideration of Kazantzakis' Zorba the Greek in the quest for the just society" 
The Westporter magazine art
Link to National Social Science Press and Introductory Sociology: An Interactive Text
icle: "Do Unto Others: The Philosophy of William Volker", March 2003
Dissertation publication: Evangelicalism and Capitalism: A Critical Study of the Doctrine of Atonement in the History of American Religion
Link to National Social Science Press and Introductory Sociology: An Interactive Text
Book review of Theology in a Social Context by Robin Gill

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