About Me, 
I live in Kansas City with my wife, Jean.  We spend time with children and grandchildren whenever possible.  I'm a writer, a retired clergyman and I'm currently teaching philosophy and religion at the Kansas City Art Institute. 

My formal education includes: a B.A. in sociology from the University of Missouri in St. Louis; a Master of Divinity from Eden Theological Seminary in Webster Groves, Missouri; an M.A. in sociology with an emphasis in labor studies from the University of Louisville; and a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Notre Dame.

Besides writing, teaching and pastoring, I've worked as an English-as-a-second-language instructor, newspaper editor, graduate student advisor, truck driver, recreation director at a children's home, timekeeper, bookkeeper, sales clerk, short-order cook, model, waiter, car hop and bus boy. 

I've lived and worked in: St. Louis, MO; Louisville, KY; Bourbon, IN; South Bend, IN; Vienna, Austria; Liberty, MO; Kansas City, KS; and Kansas City, MO.

I enjoy playing softball, racquetball and tennis.  I like movies, all kinds of music and spending time in foreign cultures.

Sociology, published by Brill in the two volumes pictured above.  
Anthony J. Blasi. Mathew Kanjirathinkal and I spent several years editing and translating this important work.  Entitled Sociology: Inquiries Into the Construction of Social Forms, it is available through Brill, Amazon and other booksellers.

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